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Block 10,
Orthopedic institute
C/o Hibiscus and Paul Kruger str

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    Did you know that we offer virtual appointments?

    Our virtual appointments are the perfect option for your follow up appointment if you live far, or are unable to visit the practice due to transport and mobility issues.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still have questions? Here are some answers.

    Yes, we do offer virtual appointments.

    Our virtual appointments are perfect if you:

    • live too far to see us in person for your follow up
    • have transport problems
    • have health or mobility issues where they can’t come in
    • are isolating for COVID reasons

    Please note that our virtual appointments are primarily for follow-ups, however, as an initial consultation we can provide professional screening to determine the best course of action relating to your ailments or injury. We are also able to offer professional guidance and advice on ongoing treatment or home-based exercises through our virtual appointments.

    Yes, we remove sutures when appropriate. This is usually 12-14 days after your operation.

    Yes, we use thermoplastic material which we heat until soft.  It then gets molded to the shape of your hand or finger.

    Yes, there are support groups that you can join on Facebook, as well as a great resource for Pain Education. These support groups provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals suffering from ailments and/or injuries that affect their hands. They are an invaluable place where you can connect with others who have faced similar challenges.

    Join the Dystonia Awareness Facebook Support Group

    Join the Finger and Partial Hand Amputees Facebook Page

    Learn how to Retrain the Pain you feel from this helpful resource 

    Physios typically treat larger muscle groups and joints.  Hand Therapy focuses on the hand and upper limb with emphasis on function and return to activity.

    Hand Therapy is a Specialised field of Occupational Therapy.

    We have multiple appointment options available on our online booking system. Here is more information to help you choose the correct appointment when booking online or when contacting us directly for a consultation.

    60-Minute Initial Consultation

    This appointment is for new patients. During this appointment, you will undergo an in-depth assessment using specialised assessment tools.

    During this appointment you can expect:

    • Diagnostic formulation
    • Patient Education
    • Splint Fabrication
    • Prescription of Assistive devices or tailored home exercises

    Follow-up appointments

    Your therapist will prompt you to the appropriate time needed for your next follow-up appointment. You can make this appointment online via our online booking system. We have 3 Follow up options available for you:

    • 60-minute follow-up: for patients with complicated injuries, requiring multiple treatment modalities. (Splint adjustment, wound care treatment, and tailored home exercises)
    • 45-minute follow-up: for patients already established in their therapy.  Patients ongoing in their therapy progression needing ongoing guidance, and or splints; and or exercises.
    • 30-minute follow-up: typically reserved for your final assessment and discharge from hand therapy. Please only select this option if you have been advised by one of our therapists to do so.

    We have Yoco and SnapScan options available at the practice.

    EFT options are also welcome.

    We are situated at Unit 9 inside the Orthopedic Institute in Durbanville. The building is called Oak House and is immediately on your right-hand side as you drive in.

    Click here to download our directions.

    Our Address

    Block 9, Oakhouse
    Orthopedic institute
    C/o Hibiscus and Paul Kruger str

    Yes, we specialise in hands and upper limb but remember, we treat holistically and take into consideration there may be unique needs.

    Yes, Grasp Hand Therapy is contracted in with most medical aids, and will charge you medical aid rates.